Our second chance

Posted June 18, 2020 at 10:55 am

Father Kenneth Doyle’s answer to a reader about certain lines in the Hail Holy Queen prayer, I have some comments. Father Doyle gave some historical strength to what some think is depressing.

Lately in my rosary walks, I, too, reflected on “banished children of Eve, valley of tears and this our exile.”

The fact is that life on this side of heaven is broken. Sometimes things go wrong for no reason apart from the fall that marred paradise.

My conclusion deals with our human struggle to understand that we were not created for this world, although this is the only world we know. Our faith pushes us to understand that this is our trial period, not our final end.

If we in our meditation can realize that compared to God’s promised kingdom our current world is truly the valley of tears or exile, and we can be banished children

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    Powerful witness

    This is in response to three articles Father (John) Carville wrote, especially the one entitled, “Final Week of the Synod on the Amazon.” He states “young men took offense at statues of a naked Amazonian pregnant woman, stole the statues on exhibit in a church near the Vatican … threw them into the river, claiming that they were pagan symbols.”  They did not claim they were pagan, they are pagan.  

    It was one young man who is to be saluted for defending our mother, Holy Mother Church.  Everyone seeing the ceremony in the Vatican gardens has a right to be offended.  And in Rome, no less,

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    Below is a poem written by a resident at Metanoia Manor, a safe haven for victims of human trafficking. Her name is being withheld.


    You cannot run from the voices inside your head; even though they’re about as real as the monsters you think live under your bed.

    Can you ignore that one thing that stares you in the face? You can run as fast as you want, but just know you’ve already lost the race.

    You don’t like reality, so you allow your thoughts and your mind to drift into outer

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    LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Stop the insanity

    After reading this past week of the law enacted in the state of New York expanding abortion “rights,” I first felt shock, then disgust, then sadness.  Many of the legislators in this country have hardened hearts.  Many of these legislators claim to be Catholic, but their behavior says otherwise.  Even one of the Supreme Court justices that ruled abortion was a constitutional right, William Brennan, claimed to be Catholic.

    My fear is other states will create laws like New York’s. We were not created to destroy life. The smile on the face of a

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    Concern with story

    My concern (with an article regarding voting your conscience) is that in lieu of addressing the real issues of the election in 2018 and beyond, the bishops continued to try to thread the needle. It is time for the church to make the voice of Jesus heard. I refer you to the corporal works of mercy. In my humble estimation this is the guide we need to form a conscience.

    When this government rejects the Paris Accord, increases the use of coal and makes decisions that are leading to the destruction of the earth we live on,

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    Hearing through the phone

    Pope Francis deplores the use of cell phones during Mass. However I ask his reconsideration in this respect.

    The Mass is certainly not a place for photography. But what about cell phones that have become “Smart Phones” and are aids to hearing?

    Today, for the cost of about $50, the parish church can be equipped to allow a hearing disabled person such as myself to “read” the sound system audio of the Mass on their smart phone or tablet. This

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    A touchy subject

    Regarding agoraphobia and the sign of peace, we wish to express our extreme thanks for printing both of these articles, side by side.

    First, agoraphobia (finally someone addresses this very real issue), the hand shake at the sign of peace and holding hands during the Our Father, blends right in with several reasons why Catholics no longer attend Mass.

    Here we are attending Mass, in the most reverent part of the Mass, about to receive the body

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    God’s mercy

    “Love over law” (Dec. 11, The Catholic Commentator), “More than a law” (Feb. 5) and “Touch of Christ” (Feb. 19) acknowledge divorce and remarriage as adultery, a mortal sin (Mk 10:12-12; Catechism of the Catholic Church 1856, 1858, 2400; 6th Commandment). Advocacy of Communion as mercy, welcome and medicine for adultery is heartfelt, yet self-contradicting.

    Communion is medicine strictly for venial sin (the Catechism 1394). Communion’s promise of life eternal (Jn 6:54) hinges entirely on obeying the commandments (Mk 10:17-19). Since Jesus won’t save an unrepentant adulterer from

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    Sacredness of life

    In reference to the two Letters to the Editor concerning capital punishment and abortion that appeared in the Jan. 23 issue of The Catholic Commentator, I’d like to offer my opinions.

    I think it would be fair to say that most of us do not like to see anyone killed, murdered, aborted, executed or whatever term we use when someone’s life is terminated by another human being. As Catholics, we understand, and believe (I hope), that ALL human life is sacred. We are ALL made in the image

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    Illegal Immigrants may not be welcome

    The Catholic Commentator’s editorial of July 25 calls on Catholics to reject the term “illegal” immigrants as well as to accept all new, child immigrants as a “moral obligation.” Those who don’t accept this are merely debating “ideologies.” This brings to mind Pope Benedict’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate where he taught, “Only in truth does charity shine forth, only in truth can charity be authentically lived… Without truth, charity degenerates into sentimentality.”

    St. John Paul II

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