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A rich legacy

Posted April 14, 2017 at 12:00 am

St. Bernadette was born to a poor family but in death left a rich legacy.

Born Jan. 7, 1844 in Lourdes, France, St. Bernadette was the first of nine children. As a toddler, she contracted cholera and suffered asthma and lived the rest of her life in poor health.

At the age of 14, however, while she and her sister were gathering firewood, St. Bernadette’s life would change forever, and even to this day continues to spiritually nourish the lives of so many. It was while completing this rather mundane chore with her sister when St. Bernadette experienced the first of 18 visions of a beautiful lady above a rose bush in a grotto called Massabielle (Tuta de Massavielha). The woman, who was robed

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    The joy of Easter

    “This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad.” (Ps(s) 118)

    Happy Easter! Today is a day of rejoicing, as we sing in the salvific light of Jesus Christ. Our Sunday Mass readings duirng the next two weekends celebrate new life and God’s abundant mercy. So many themes are present, far too many for this space to accommodate. We shall focus on three: the joy of telling Jesus’ story, the joy of receiving God’s

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    Why God became man

    By Dina Dow

    “I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will never die.” – John 11:25-26

    Our Lenten journey will enter on the final path paved with luscious palms, followed by earthly dirt, then precious blood. Preceding Jesus’ last entry into Jerusalem we hear the powerful testimony of the raising of Lazarus, as Jesus reminds his followers to believe, unbind and remove the stones. The final Sunday of Lent retells

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    Confession an opportunity to cleanse one’s soul of the despair of sin

    By Rachele Smith

    The Catholic Commentator

    It’s been called a Catholic’s “Easter duty,” an opportunity, if you will, to “come clean” and be fully united in God’s merciful and loving care.

    Yet, many Catholics do not take advantage of the sacrament of reconciliation or confession.

    According to a 2015 Pew Research Center Survey of Catholics living in America, about four in 10 Catholics say they go to confession at least

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    Celebrating St. Joseph

    St. Joseph was a man of few words in the Bible, in fact no one, but he certainly played a powerful role in the life of Christ and continues to do so for fathers everywhere.

    To no one’s surprise, southeast Louisiana celebrates his feast day like no other place, complete with traditional altars and staying true to our heritage, parades.

    St. Joseph’s life is an example of trusting in the Lord, humility and

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    Thirsting for God’s word

    Lord, you are truly the Savior of the world; give me living water, that I may never thirst again (Jn 4:15).

    I am the light of the world, says the Lord; whoever follows me will have the light of life (Jn 8:12).

    As we enter the heart of Lent, the Sunday Mass readings provide impeccable insight into the riches of the healing power of Jesus. A message of hope is mediated by two powerful Gospel accounts: the woman at the well and the healing of the blind man. Two

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    Spiritual Retreat Opportunites during Lent 2017

    Retreat centers located in the Diocese of Baton Rouge
    Bishop Robert E. Tracy Center

    Baton Rouge

    The Bishop Robert E. Tracy Center is available for spiritual renewal and growth, professional training and adult and youth formation. As part of the Catholic Life Center, the Tracy Center can provide space for day and overnight retreats and conferences.

    The three-story overnight facility has 30 sleeping rooms. Each of 24 rooms can accommodate up to four people. Five of the six suites consist of a bedroom with two single beds (one king if beds are joined) and a sitting room with two sofa sleepers. The smaller suite

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    Secular orders offer particular apostolic lifestyles for lay Catholics

    By Debbie Shelley

    The Catholic Commentator

    (First of a series)

     Father Joshua Johnson, parochial vicar at St. Aloysius Church in Baton Rouge, speaks to those attending a gathering of the secular orders and institutes gathering at Our Lady of Mercy in Baton Rouge last October. Photo provided by Barbara Helm


    As Lent approaches, some Catholics may want to “go higher” in their spiritual life. One way to achieve a new level of intimacy with God is

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    Spiritual roots examined during Lenten Day of Reflection

    The Catholic Commentator

    About 300 black Catholics throughout South Louisiana examined their spiritual roots during a Lenten Day of Reflection at the Catholic Life Center on Feb. 13.

    More than 300 black Catholics from around South Louisiana attended the Sankofa Lenten Day of Reflection at the Catholic Life Center on Feb. 13. Photo provided by Deacon Alfred

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    Communicants must meet certain criteria to receive body of Christ

    By Richard Meek 

    The Catholic Commentator 

    (Second in a series)

    Holy Communion will always be at the center of the Catholic Church; it is what separates Catholicism from other denominations. 

    But not all who attend Mass are necessarily eligible to receive the body and blood of Christ. Father Paul Counce, judicial vicar for the Diocese of Baton Rouge, said canon law is clear that a communicant must meet four requirements, including having fasted for at least one hour prior to receiving Communion; be in a state of grace, also known as properly disposed; believe in the

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