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Father Johnson Kuriappilly

Posted November 24, 2017 at 12:00 am


What is your favorite hobby, and what do you enjoy most about it? 

A My favorite hobby is photography. I love to look at the world through the lens of the camera. It reminds me about the light and its importance in our lives. What makes the photo a perfect shot is the presence and absence of the lights and shadows. It reminds me of the ups and downs of our lives, which makes it beautiful and worth living. I love to take pictures of the beauty of nature, which is a bigger and beautiful canvas right in front of my eyes. Usually I do not take pictures of the people, because I do not want to make them the subject of my photos. Also I love to paint, which I do not do that often, lack

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    Father Cleo Milano

    Q  You are often asked if you are from Italy because you speak fluent Italian. Was this something you learned from family members in your household and friends while growing up? Did you also learn to speak French fluently in the same way?  

    A  While growing up, we were very much conscious of our Italian roots and culture. My father’s people came from Sorrento, Italy and my mother’s family, the Cassos, was the first Italian immigrants in Ascension Parish coming from near Venice. Having been in the United States for

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    Father Patrick Healy

    Q As one who likes photography, what are some of your favorite pictures of people, places or things you have taken?

    A  I got interested in photography while serving as an active duty Army Chaplain stationed in Egypt near the Gaza Strip. I was able to lead many pilgrimages of our troops to the Holy Land sites in Egypt and Israel where the opportunities for photography were unsurpassed. This was also a wonderful opportunity for some remedial religious education of many young soldiers. It’s difficult to say which photos are

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    Father Mike Moroney

    Q You used to play racquetball with Archbishop Alfred Hughes. Who often came out the victor in these matches? What do you enjoy about the sport itself?

    A Archbishop Alfred Hughes and I played racquetball for many years. We played a competitive game in which we had many bruises, nose bleeds sprained ankles etc., but we had a lot of fun. We both really enjoyed the game and we left all our winnings and losses on the court, leaving us with no

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    Father Joseph Vu

    Q Can you tell us about your dinosaur costume?

    A For Ascension Homecoming Parade October 2016, I bought a dinosaur costume with hopes that I could use it for the parade, but it turned out the school had a theme of board games, so I ended up switching last minute to be Mr. Monopoly with pastor Father Paul Yi. So that dinosaur costume sat on my shelf from October all the way until February. I

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