In one of the recent issues of the Commentator I was reading the advice column of Father Doyle in which someone wanted clarification from him in order to disregard the Vatican’s policy toward the plight of Palestinian Christians. The writer voiced his strong support of Israel. This never fails to shock me. Western Christians, particularly Roman Catholics who support a government who has done its best to expel all native Christians from the Holy Land, while expropriating their land so that they may repopulate it with their own preferred religious followers.

The first question one must ask is a simple one: “Where have the native Christian population gone to if they are not in Palestine/Israel?” The second one is,  “Why did they leave?”  

Giving emotional and financial support to a government that puts its Christian population in a legal status of second class citizenship is both foolish and heartless, but something we will see with increasing frequency in the West in our own cultures. Palestinian Christians have been the recipient of this official policy for many years while the West watched and turned its back. Perhaps it will be well now for us to contemplate this verse from Holy Writ: “…For what things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap”. 

Pamela Nakhleh

Denham Springs