This letter is in response to a letter submitted by Sister Joel Gubler OP in The Catholic Commentator Dec. 11 issue. In her letter, Sister Joel espouses, in her words, love over law.

I would like to address a couple of points she makes. Sister Joel says, “Can we imagine a good person who has had the misfortune of having to divorce and remarry?” Marriage is a choice, a person does not “have to marry.”

Following divorce, our church offers the healing  process of an annulment. It is up to the individual to seek out this annulment, and I would recommend a (divorced man or woman) apply for an annulment as soon as possible. Then Sister Joel tells us to imagine Jesus telling a remarried person, “Sorry, but you’re not worthy to receive me.” Jesus did tell the woman caught in adultery, “Go and sin no more” (Jn 8:11). And he told the apostles that whoever divorced and remarried committed adultery (Mk 10:10-12). 

Jesus gave the apostles authority over his church. The annulment process is the church’s way of helping individuals to heal from a broken marriage. The holy father has helped streamline the process by offering much needed changes. The church’s teaching on marriage did not change, because it is based on the teachings of Jesus in sacred Scripture. 

Duane Breaux

Pierre Part