A small group of lay people is meeting bimonthly throughout the Jubilee Year of Mercy at St. Agnes parish to discuss our reading of Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul by St. Faustina.

The church is now more than halfway into the Year of Mercy, and our group members, strongly affected by the words our Lord spoke to St. Faustina, wish to encourage and appeal to our dear priests to speak out often from the pulpit about the plenary indulgence made available during this jubilee year. Please educate and repeatedly remind your Sunday congregations, as sadly many are not aware, have forgotten or never really understood this opportunity, which one of our group members refers to as a “final clearance sale” of an indulgence.

In other words, it’s a great deal!

Our Lord said to St. Faustina: “Write: before I come as a just judge, I first open wide the door of my mercy. He who refuses to pass through the door of my mercy must pass through the door of my justice.”

St. Faustina comments, “God’s floodgates have been opened for us. Let us want to take advantage of them before the day of God’s justice arrives. And that will be a dreadful day!”

It could not be made easier for each of us to receive God’s tremendous mercy by literally walking “through the door” of St. Joseph Cathedral or St. Michael the Archangel Church in Convent in addition to confession, holy Communion, and the prayers provided on the pamphlet just inside the cathedral’s designated jubilee year door. May everyone hear and respond to our Lord’s call to pass through the door of His mercy! 

Margaret Lovecraft

Baton Rouge