In the Sept. 30 of the The Catholic Commentator the “Question Corner” was disturbing, to say the least. A reader told the priest that their family went to a parish that had recently returned to the traditional ad orientem of Christian worship.

Their children however preferred a parish that “(…has people go to confession by writing things on pieces of paper to be burnt.)” One would certainly think that the priest columnist would be horrified at this practice and emphatically explain how this was NOT a valid method of confession.

Instead, his first comments were telling the questioner why they didn’t have to “face east” and that his biggest concern was that they find a Mass that both “tastes” would like. Is there any wonder that Catholic belief continues to decline and less and less people take their religion seriously?

The Catholic Commentator has a serious obligation to clearly teach what the Roman Catholic religion has consistently taught for 2000 years. Someone needs to clarify that “writing one’s sins on paper and burning it” is not now, nor has ever been a valid form of confession.

Pamela Nakhleh

Denham Springs