Q Can you tell us about your dinosaur costume?

A For Ascension Homecoming Parade October 2016, I bought a dinosaur costume with hopes that I could use it for the parade, but it turned out the school had a theme of board games, so I ended up switching last minute to be Mr. Monopoly with pastor Father Paul Yi. So that dinosaur costume sat on my shelf from October all the way until February. I was doing the classroom visits with Bishop Muench when I had overheard the kindergarten students were learning about dinosaurs. So I dressed up as a dinosaur and went over to the school and did my classroom visit as “Fr. T-Rex.” Ascension Catholic has K-12, and all of the students really had a good laugh out of it. I enjoyed it myself also.  


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… with FATHER JOSEPH VU, parochial vicar, Ascension of Our Lord and St. Francis of Assisi churches in Donaldsonville


Q How many musical instruments can you play? Tell us about your skill as a DJ.

A I can only play one instrument well – the guitar, mainly the electric guitar, although I do dabble with acoustic guitars and bass. They are all related in terms of stringed instruments, but they really are different instruments to play with, that is, playing one doesn’t necessarily mean that you can play all the other ones. When I was in high school I used to play in the praise and worship band along with having a rock/metal band. Then when I entered the seminary, I joined the seminarian band, Covenant 7 (when the band started, there were seven seminarians who were discerning a covenant with God). I was the turntablist, aka DJ, for the band. So if you have ever heard of bands like Linkin Park, Incubus, etc., they have a guy “scratching” on a record/turntables. I also sang in the seminary choir for the eight years that I was in the seminary. I really do enjoy playing music, because of the endless possibilities that a few notes can create and move hearts/souls. 

Q Tell us about your truck. What modification did you made on it?

A I drive a 96′ Toyota T100. The only modification that I have done to the truck is soundproofing the truck, which really helps to cut down road noise especially when I am on the interstate. The process is fairly simple, although it took forever to do. Basically, the interior of the truck is stripped down to its bare frame, then the inside of the truck would be lined with sound dampeners and sound insulating foam, then everything would be put back together. With the help of my dad and my brother, John, who is also in the Fortunately, he is still there at the school inspiring other students to have an appreciation for technology.

Q How many fidget spinners do you own?

A Currently, three. For those who don’t know what they are, they are basically a form of stress relieving toys/gadgets. The design is fairly straightforward: you have a ball bearing in a piece of plastic, wood, or metal, and you spin it. I bought one off of Amazon a good year ago after seeing the fad on the Internet becoming more popular. They are a great little toy for relieving stress and/or to help you focus. Apparently, these little toys are popping up in schools that students would trade and what not. So the ones that I have for those who are a bit into the geeky specifications: it’s a solid piece of titanium that is CNC machined, a ceramic ball bearing is placed in the middle, then it is capped with a solid piece of aluminum both top and bottom. Lastly, four pieces of G10 scales material is fastened to the side of spinner. It really is a piece of artwork at the same time seminary right now at Notre Dame entering his third year of theology, we upgraded the existing sound system. 

Q We heard that you are quite a technology guy. Can you tell us about that?

A I always had an involvement with technology, especially with my dad who used to work as a computer tech in the early 90s. He brought home a laptop running on Windows 3.1, and you have to keep in mind this time frame, almost no one had a computer during this time. But that little laptop got me hooked on technology. I am just amazed at the endless amount of possibilities that it can also create. The involvement for technology really grew when I started my high school career at the former Bishop Sullivan High School, now St. Michael. There was a teacher there, Mr. Drew Hart, who incidentally also had a passion for technology. He was the person who inspired me to pursue a passion for that area of science.