Boy and Girl Scouts receive awards

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“We are in the presence of award winners,” announced Bishop Robert W. Muench to the audience of scouts, counselors, leaders and family members. “Everybody is a winner. Congratulations!”  


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Cub Scouts wait for the opening of the ceremony.  Photos by Aundrea Flynn 


The pews of Our Lady of Mercy Church in Baton Rouge were filled with girls and boys wearing scout uniforms and award sashes for the diocese’s Religious Award Ceremony on Aug. 27. The event opened with a procession of the Knights of Columbus followed by a color guard featuring a scout from each division and the bishop. 

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Girl Scouts gather at Our Lady of Mercy for the award ceremony.  

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Ben Garner carries a flag in the color guard. 


Aiden Martin, a Boy Scout with Troop 66 in New Roads, carried the Boy Scout flag for the color guard. The 12-year-old was the only Boy Scout recipient of the Our Lady’s Award, which took several months of activities to achieve.  

“I had to go to class one time a month for a few months. We had to write down in our booklets and things like that and we had to read different chapters in the Bible,” he said. “And, we had to make rosaries and all that added up to get the award.” 

Before the awards were handed out, the bishop blessed them with holy water. Works of charity ranged from collecting and sorting canned goods for the Baton Rouge Food Bank to hosting rosaries at an assisted living facility to writing Christmas cards to sick children at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. One hundred fifteen scouts earned religious emblems including Family of God, I Live my Faith, the Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei.  

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 Chloe Ann Landry and Bishop Robert W. Muench at the awards ceremony reception. 


Camille Fremin, 6, and Sedona Mitchell, 7, of Brownie Troop 10233 in Baton Rouge won the God is Love emblem for picking up litter.  

“It was Monday, like, after Easter, there was an Easter egg hunt on the trail we went to and there was like egg things spread around and so we picked it up,” said Mitchell.  

“And, we found a dead possum,” added Fremin.  

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 Religious emblem counselor, Louis Hebert and Boy Scout Aiden Martin. 


“I’m very proud of myself,” said 12-year-old Girl Scout Chloe Ann Landry of Troop 10430 of Pointe Coupee Civil Parish who achieved the Our Lady’s Award.  

“Duty to God is an important part of scouting and this is a way a way for us to encourage and foster the practice of faith and doing our duty to God not only in our churches but in our homes, communities and in our scout troops,” said Louis Herbert, a scouting religious emblem counselor for the diocese. 

After the award ceremony, everyone gathered in the Parish Activity Center for cookies, punch and photos with the bishop.  “Scouting is a way for young people to grow in maturity and in a relationship to God, to family and to society,” said Bishop Muench. “It’s an opportunity for them to learn more about themselves, learn more about life and learn more about the world and commit themselves to the values of Christianity.”  


Scout Awards


Parvuli Dei

Pack No. 7

Counselor: Bonnie Kolb

Irwin Charles Spreen, IV

Pack No. 12  

Counselor: Scott Harrington  

Ellis Reid Evans  

Gavin Paul Harrrington  

Pack No. 65  

Counselor: Angela Poché  

Benjamin David Jones  

Jake Dean Stuntz  

Victor Joseph Zeringue  

Pack No. 103  

Counselor: Robert Trigo 

Ryan Sebastian Alexander  

Jackson Congemi  

Christopher De La Bretonne  

Patrick Bernard Enright  

Austin Chandler Fruge 

Gaines Marshal Gossard 

Joseph Michael Landry  

David E. Latil  

Joseph Edward LeBas  

Matthew Scott Maynard  

Joseph Mensman  

Benjamin Alexander Namikas  

Henry Nathaniel Robin  

Dylan Thibodeaux  

Jackson Lancaster Thomas  

Peyton Quinn Trigo  

Seth Ronald Trosclair  

Shawn Michael Vogt  

Pack No. 136  

Counselor: Tim Hebert  

Nicholas Stephen Conti, II  

Evan Brain Guilbeau  

Pack No. 777  

Counselor: Angela Diffendal  

Cullen Michael Ransome  

Joseph Winston Wicker  

Our Lady’s Award  

Pack No. 65  

Counselor: Angela Poché  

Christopher Patrick Arton 

Connor Thomas Cornett  

Tyson James Daigle  

Kyler Wade Dupuy 

Reese Joseph Lambert  

Luke Joseph LeBlanc 

Alex Michael Ocmond  

Benjamin Thomas Poché  

Light of Christ  

Pack No.7  

Counselor: Bonnie Kolb  

Andrew Charles Freel, Jr.  

Zachary William Garner  

Colin Grant Grezaffi  

Charlie Louis Jeansonne 

Dean William Kolb  

Evan Matthew Rivet Milligan  

Pack No. 12  

Counselor: Scott Harrington 

Padraig Andrew Dulaney  

Max Henry Floyd  

Gabriel Adam Franco  

Brody James Harrington  

Jack Reilly Hernandez  

Nathan James Hissong 

Peyton James Rachal 

Rylan Christopher Smith  

Peyton Gregory Trahan  

Pack No. 103  

Counselor: Robert Trigo  

Kurt Frederick Balkum  

Jacob Caillouet  

Lucas Caillouet  

Gabriel Clardy  

Ryder Nelson  

Benjamin Paul  

Matthew Joseph Robin  

Ellis Schwartzenburg  

Philip Wesley  

Pack No. 136  

Counselor: Tim Hebert
& Gina Wilson  

Joseph Billy Aguillard 

Michael Brian Aguillard  

Caden Joseph Doming  

Codey Lee Doming 

Peter Thomas Tanory  

Riley Alexander Wilson  

Pack No. 15  

Counselor: Erin McLean  

Michael Arthur Ullo, Jr.  

Pack No. 65  

Counselor: Angela Poché 

Carter Joseph Englert 

James Talen Kolb  

Patrick James Ocmond  

Austin James Richardson  

Pack No. 66  

Counselor: Louis Hebert  

Cain Leonards  

Pack No. 77  

Counselor: Angela Diffendal  

Brayden Scott Bailey  

Ryker Gabriel Ehlers  

James Michael Gary  

Rory Blaise Lato, III  

Ethan Paul Laudun  

Christopher Ryan Richard  

Preston Daniel Vicknair  


Our Lady’s Award  

Troop No. 66  

Counselor: Louis Hebert  

Aiden Paul Martin  


God is Love  

Troop No. 10233  

Counselor: Nathalie Roy Mitchell  

Camille Elizabeth Fremin  

Sedona Faye Mitchell  

Family of God  

Troop No. 10004  

Counselor: Gina Wilson  

Davis Emily Aucoin  

Alexandra Louise Carter  

Chloe Elizabeth Clement  

Evie Adele Comeaux  

Sarah Elizabeth Guidroz  

Caroline Grace Hultberg 

Emily Murray  

Reese Adelaide Perron  

Cecilia Pickering  

Ava Michelle Simmons  

Anne Louise Tanory  

Madeline Clair Thorne  

Kathryn Anne Trahan  

Family of God  

Troop No.10166  

Counselor: Angela Poché  

Harper Layne Babin  

Claire Marie Cornett  

Grace Lillian Crow  

Alyse Katherine Daigle  

Mackenzie Theresa Landry  

Samantha Lynn Phillips  

Gabrielle Lynn Weaver  

Troop No. 10092  

Counselor: Barbara Sicard  

Claire Elizabeth Wicker  

Troop No. 10234  

Counselor: Andrae Hebert  

Savannah Louise Connolly  

Emily Marie Cuccia  

Caroline Marie Minvielle  

Celia Grace Juban  

Olivia Marie Knipe  

I Live My Faith

Troop No. 10591  

Counselor: Gina Wilson  

Catherine Louise Sanchez  

Micah Lynn Sherman  

Madelyn Grace Wilson 

Our Lady’s Award  

Troop No. 10430  

Counselor: Aundrea Flynn  

Chloe Ann Landry 

Troop No. 10896  

Anamaria Cuadra 

Mariana Luisa Cuadra  

Grace Nelson  

Gracie Lynn Populus