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Father Matt Lorrain said he is looking forward to returning to a role he once held for seven years. 

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Father Matt Lorrain


Bishop Robert W. Muench recently appointed Father Lorrain director of seminarians, a position he previously held from 2005-12. Father Lorrain, who is pastor at St. John the Baptist Church in Brusly, is replacing Father Matt Dupré, who is pastor at St. Patrick Church in Baton Rouge. 

“I enjoy working with the guys but also want to be able to give it the proper time it deserves without neglecting my parish, my parishioners,” said Father Lorrain, who previously served in a fulltime capacity as director of vocations. “I am not planning any major changes. (Father Dupré) was doing a good job and I want to continue that.” 

His responsibilities will include working alongside director of vocations Father Andrew Merrick and Lisette Borné, who is associate director of vocations and seminarians. Father Lorrain said Father Merrick, who also serves as pastor at Christ the King Church and Student Center at LSU in Baton Rouge, is in charge of promoting and encouraging vocations. Father Lorrain is entrusted to overseeing formation of seminarians. 

Father Lorrain said part of his responsibilities will include summer assignments, pastoral assignments and hospital assignments for seminarians. 

“There is a lot of overlap,” he added. “We always feel that two sets of eyes is better than one set when it comes to looking at the application process and helping a man discern. I think Father Andrew and I will work together on a lot of that.” 

He noted that part of his job, as well as that of Father Merrick and Borné, is to help seminarians serve the church where God is calling them. His hope, of course, is that service would be in the priesthood but if not, the next step is identifying where that individual would serve best.

“That’s what benefits the church,” he said. “We know we are not going to have 100 percent (retention) rate but if we can help someone be formed into the faith, have spiritual growth, have pastoral growth, then we know the church is going to benefit if that man becomes a priest, or a husband or a father.” 

Father Lorrain’s appointment is effective until Aug. 31, at which time he said his intention is to give Bishop Muench, or the bishop’s replacement if he is in place by then, recommendations of three fellow clergy members he believes would serve well in the position. But he added that if necessary he would be open to serving past Aug. 31. 

“I kind of see myself as a placeholder and I think Bishop Muench kind of sees that too,” Father Lorrain said.