Young children are clearly the most vulnerable members of society and certainly deserving of our protection. Yet, they continue to be exploited as pawns in bi-partisan political chess matches.
Paradoxically, young lives are being used to bolster two seemingly unrelated political planks, that of immigration and abortion.

The so-called “zero-tolerance” policy enacted by the Trump administration separated 2,700 young immigrant children from their parents during a seven-month period beginning in October. The children in question, some under the age of five, were separated from their parents because the parents who entered the country illegally were detained for potential prosecution and the children placed in foster care or in the custody of a family member.
Some are using these children to cast dispersion on the Trump administration and his controversial immigration policies.

In a debate with far more tragic implications, unborn children are being used as the flashpoint in the debate to replace retired Supreme Justice Court Anthony Kennedy, who was generally considered a swing vote on many issues. Trump has nominated federal judge Brett Kavanaugh but, unfortunately, few seem willing to evaluate him on his jurisprudence acumen.

Rather, pro-abortion forces are lobbing what could be perceived as scare tactics that if Kavanaugh is approved, it’s a no-brainer the court will overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion.

Conversely, many conservatives are lobbying the litmus test for any nominee is that person’s stance on Roe v. Wade.

Of course, there is no moral equivalency between abortion and immigrant children being separated from their families at the border because of an alleged illegal act by their parents. Abortion is inherently evil, the silencing of a human heart with the weapon of choice a surgical instrument ostensibly designed to save lives.

But under no circumstances should children be placed at the center of either of these debates. Children, whether they are immigrants or in a mother’s womb, have the right to a healthy and hearty childhood, the right to live in freedom, and most importantly the right to survive in their mother’s womb.

We should be guardians of our children, not exploiters. It’s a lesson some politicians must learn.