I appreciate that you do not believe that children should not be used as political pawns and I do agree with you. However, please get your facts straight. The children who were taken away from their parents number closer to 4,000. They were not housed with foster families, they were housed in office buildings without showers, in tents without air conditioning. They were molested.

They were subjected to racial slurs and ridicule.

Many were seeking asylum from gang violence and horrible situations at home. This is all the result of a policy instituted by one man, Donald Trump. Instead of calling out Democrats for shouting the truth, you seem to be sugar coating this atrocity.

We should be guardians not exploiters of children. But when they have  been traumatized and abused, this should be shouted  out  from  the  mountain  tops and  not be called exploitation. I quote for you  from a flyer that was in  the  church  bulletin  at St Jean Vianney, my parish. “Tell the truth with love. What is right and wrong is not decided by popular vote.” This editorial has told  half  truths and  I  was taught  that a half truth is a lie. We are part of  a  church,  the  Catholic  Church  that  has caused untold trauma and abuse to children for decades and sought  to cover  the  truth. It is time to be better than this. It is time to be brave and call out those who  perpetrate trauma and violence to children. That is NOT exploitation.

Elizabeth Larose

Baton Rouge