My concern (with an article regarding voting your conscience) is that in lieu of addressing the real issues of the election in 2018 and beyond, the bishops continued to try to thread the needle. It is time for the church to make the voice of Jesus heard. I refer you to the corporal works of mercy. In my humble estimation this is the guide we need to form a conscience.

When this government rejects the Paris Accord, increases the use of coal and makes decisions that are leading to the destruction of the earth we live on, the church should speak out loud and clear. When the government separates parents from their children and imprisons those children, the church should speak out loud and clear. When the government denies health care to those with preconditions, it seems rather obvious that Christ would not be happy.

When we refuse refugees admittance when they are suffering oppression, the case for condemnation of these actions should not be hard to make. When the government denies voters the right to participate in elections this should be addressed by the church without any ambivalence. When the government gives tax breaks to the very rich and refuses to increase the minimum wage, there must be an outcry from the church, yet I hear only muted statements.

The issue of right to life is not only about abortion. The church has not been as vocal in these other issues that are as critical to the right to life. We need to address these issues in our schools in a broader manner.

There are rights and wrongs here and in most instances the article was far from a real effort to present the true meaning of the Gospel and Jesus himself, or for that matter really inform the consciences of the people of the church in Baton Rouge.

Gerard Toups