A confrontation that went viral cast an unfortunate pall over the recent March for Life rally in Washington, D.C.

Although conflicting reports continue to surface, once again the warts of social medial were clearly exposed, as well as the harmful effects of rushing to judgment. 

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, students from Covington Catholic High School in Covington, Kentucky were demonized, even by some Catholic leaders. Social media portrayed the students, especially Nick Sandmann, as heinous racists, and posts were filled with hatred and vitriol. Some even appeared threatening.

In modern parlance, various sites “blew up” with people so eager to judge with hate in their heart before the facts were even accurately portrayed. In that there is great harm.

Social media has certainly changed the way the world is viewed. Tragically, some young people have even committed suicide after continuous bullying through posts. 

There is no denying social media is firmly entrenched in modern culture. The question now is how do individuals act responsibly, so incidents such as what happened at the March for Life are not blown out of proportion and young lives ruined.