After reading this past week of the law enacted in the state of New York expanding abortion “rights,” I first felt shock, then disgust, then sadness.  Many of the legislators in this country have hardened hearts.  Many of these legislators claim to be Catholic, but their behavior says otherwise.  Even one of the Supreme Court justices that ruled abortion was a constitutional right, William Brennan, claimed to be Catholic.

My fear is other states will create laws like New York’s. We were not created to destroy life. The smile on the face of a baby expresses how much it enjoys being alive.  It is the natural state that God put on to our hearts.

Something must be done to stop this insanity.  The most sensible method is an amendment to the United States Constitution. This is probably a longshot, but with prayer and persistence it can happen.  Amendments XIII and XIV were created to end slavery and reverse the Supreme Court’s Sanford vs Dred Scott decision. Unfortunately, this was done after the Civil War which killed over 600,000.  Abortion has already killed 100 times that many in this country. 

Another step that must be done is to excommunicate the “Catholic” lawmakers, governors, and court judges that allow these types of laws to be created.  Their public actions demonstrate they are not Catholic.  It seems to me the bishops in this country are fearful of agitating politicians. 

Please write, call or visit your legislators and let them know of your desire for a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion.  Pressure must be put on our bishops to deal with Catholics that continue to let legalized abortion exist in this country.  Purposefully killing an infant cannot be condoned or encouraged. You would think this was common sense. But in our upside-down world it has become normal.

Patti Mansfield