NEW HAVEN, Conn. – “Everyday Heroes,” a Knights of Columbus documentary offering an unfiltered look at heroism in our day, begins a six-week run on ABC affiliates across the country, Sunday, May 19. Through short biographical vignettes supported by interviews and original footage shot in the United States, Canada and France, the documentary suggests that true heroism is most often found in the acts of the most humble an assertion conveyed through examples from the lives of ordinary members of Knights of Columbus, the world’s largest service society for Catholic men and their families. The 57-minute documentary features high-stakes and inspirational moments from the lives of 14 men and one parish community who have demonstrated heroic acts of selflessness and charity in their respective communities, and beyond. “There’s a real crisis of heroism in our culture but it’s certainly not for a lack of everyday heroes,” says Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus and executive producer of the documentary. “If we look carefully, we can see there are heroes all around us.” Among those featured is Mike Sweeney, a five-time American League All-Star first baseman and ex-captain of the Kansas City Royals. Throughout his 16-year career, Sweeney tenaciously maintained his integrity, values and a devotion to his faith. “The thing I’m most proud of is that I honored God with my career,” says Sweeney in the documentary. José Lebron-Sanabria, a 44-year old husband and father of two children from Puerto Rico, is also featured. Inspired by his 11-year-old son in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria and strengthened by a devotion to the Venerable Michael McGivney, founder of Knights of Columbus, Lebron-Sanabria instinctively embarks on a seemingly impossible mission to serve meals and deliver emergency supplies to hundreds of citizens in desperate need of help. “Everyday heroes like José and Mike show us how to counter avarice with charity, ambition with unity, revenge with fraternity and selfishness with self-sacrifice,” said Anderson. Military personnel are included in the documentary, including an Air Force fighter pilot and two U.S. Army veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Everyday Heroes will on WBRZ in the Baton Rouge area. After the six-week airing run, the full documentary will be available, completely free, at