Gov. John Bel Edwards is asking Louisiana citizens to join with him, state chaplain Rev. Dr. Rodney Wood, legislators and other leaders in “Lunch-fasting before God on Tuesdays” beginning March 31.

On each Tuesday at noonf or the next four weeks, and possibly longer, men, women and young people throughout Louisiana are being asked to unite in a fast from their midday meal and in earnest, private prayer in the presence of Christ, the savior of the world. Residents are also being encouraged to reach out to others and ask them to join in this united engagement in fasting and prayer.

“We all know that we are in a great war,” Rev. Wood said. “In times like these we are reminded that God, in his infinite mercy, has given us the most potent, spiritual weaponry. If you belong to Christ Jesus our Lord, this weaponry is in your hands. Now is the time to vigorously employ our armaments.”

Dr. Adren Wilson, Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs and Planning for Edwards, said the governor and First Lady Donna Edwards believe in the power of prayer, as demonstrated by their daily devotion to praying together every morning.

Those with health conditions that will not allow them to totally abstain from food at lunch are being asked to consider fasting from “pleasant food” at noon  on Tuesdays.