Churches, schools and youth organizations have an obligation to provide children and youth with a safe place to worship, study or participate in activities sponsored by the Catholic Church.

In its ongoing effort to ensure that this is being accomplished, the Diocese of Baton Rouge has established an office of Child and Youth Protection. With the establishment of this office, the diocese has also implemented a process for reporting alleged abuse of a minor.

The Diocese of Baton Rouge has trained professionals available to provide counseling and information about additional care if needed. Information about reporting an incident is printed here in the three languages that are more commonly used in this diocese: English, Vietnamese and Spanish.

Issues relating to the Protection of Children and Young People

Mrs. Amy Cordon serves as Child and Youth Protection Officer of the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Her offices are at the Catholic Life Center, 1800 South Acadian Thruway, Baton Rouge. Her mailing address is P. O. Box 2028, Baton Rouge, LA 70821- 2028; telephone 225-242-0202; fax 225-242-0233.

A special confidential “Sexual Abuse Victim Response Contact Line” to be used in reporting any instance of child sexual abuse by an employee of the Church or a volunteer in one of the Church’s programs has been set up: 225- 242-0250.

Anyone victimized as a child or young person is urged to re- port this first to secular authorities (Louisiana State Police or State of Louisiana Department of Social Services) as well as to the special diocesan “Sexual Abuse Victim Response Contact Line” (telephone 225-242-0250) or to the diocesan counselors at Catholic Charities (telephone 225-336-8708).