Father Kenneth Doyle’s answer to a reader about certain lines in the Hail Holy Queen prayer, I have some comments. Father Doyle gave some historical strength to what some think is depressing.

Lately in my rosary walks, I, too, reflected on “banished children of Eve, valley of tears and this our exile.”

The fact is that life on this side of heaven is broken. Sometimes things go wrong for no reason apart from the fall that marred paradise.

My conclusion deals with our human struggle to understand that we were not created for this world, although this is the only world we know. Our faith pushes us to understand that this is our trial period, not our final end.

If we in our meditation can realize that compared to God’s promised kingdom our current world is truly the valley of tears or exile, and we can be banished children of Eve. As Christians of faith, however, these words should not depress us but give us joy and allow us to be positive. These words should challenge us to be thankful that this future kingdom of God’s promise is ours if we live his message on Earth.

I see Adam and Eve as having acted for all of us. God is so forgiving, he redeemed us with much suffering because God is love.

Today, we are the current Adam and Eve with a second chance.

Louis LeBlanc