Bishop Michael G. Duca has made additional appointments as part of the ongoing reorganization of the Diocesan Curia.  

 The College of Consultors  

The College of Consultors assists Bishop Duca in certain areas of administration as determined by canon law.  It also provides for the governance of the diocese if the see is vacant or impeded. The law establishes that the bishop freely establishes the council from members of the Presbyteral Council.  There must be six to 12 consultors, and the body is appointed for a term of five years.  

Effective Oct. 7, the new College of Consultors is constituted with the following members chosen from the Presbyteral Council: Father Tom Ranzino, Father Jamin David, Father Cary Bani, Father Matthew Dupre, Father Matthew Graham, Father Joshua Johnson, Father Michael Miceli, Father Miles Walsh and Father Paul Yi. 

 Bishop Duca thanked the members of the former College of Consultors for their diligent service, including: Father Tom Ranzino, Father Paul Counce, Father Randy Cuevas, Father Mike Schatzle, Father Robert Stine, Father Walsh and Father Yi.  

Director of Continuing Formation for Priests

 The Director of Continuing Formation for Priests works with the Continuing Formation for Priests Committee to arrange annual study days and the annual priest retreat.  He is also responsible to assist priests who request sabbaticals, to collaborate with the Director of the Priest Mentoring Program and to develop or identify programs to enhance the pastoral aptitude for priests.    

Bishop Duca has appointed Father Bani as the new Director of Continuing Formation for Priests.  The bishop thanked Father Cuevas for his many years of service in this role.    

The Presbyteral Council 

Composed of a mix of elected, appointed and ex-officio members, the Presbyteral Council represents the priests of the Diocese of Baton Rouge and serves as a “senate to the bishop” to assist him in governance of the diocese according to the norms of law and to promote the pastoral good of the people of God of the diocese.  The council has its own statutes as approved by the bishop. The council meets monthly September through June unless otherwise convoked by the bishop. The bishop, in consultation with the elected members of the council (Vice-Chair and Secretary), determines the questions to be considered by the council.  Proposals for business from the members are to be considered in the weeks leading up to the monthly meeting. 

Some changes have been made in terms of appointed membership during the past few months.  The current composition of the Presbyteral Council is as follows:  

Ex-Officio members:  

Father Ranzino (Vicar General); Father Yi (Minister to Priests)  

Elected at-large:  

Father David (term expires 8/24); Father Ryan Hallford (term expires 8/23)  

Elected by retired priests:  

Father Howard Adkins (term expires 8/21)  

Elected by deanery:  

Father Bani (North Central; term expires 8/24); Father Al Davidson (Southwest; term expires 8/24); Father Mark Beard (Northeast; term expires 8/22); Father Pat Broussard (Northwest; term expires 8/23); Father Johnson (Southeast; term expires 8/23); Father Miceli (South Central; term expires 8/23)  

Appointed by the bishop:  

Father Cuevas, Father Dupre, Father Graham, Father Walsh   

(All terms of these members expire 8/24)  

Current officers:  

Father Beard (Vice-Chair); Father Hallford (Secretary)  

Elections for new officers will be held at the October  Presbyteral Council meeting.  

 Bishop Duca thanked these priests for their continued service to the Diocese of Baton Rouge.    

On Aug. 28, the bishop had announced several restructuring changes, including the appointment of archivist Ann Boltin as chancellor. She is first lay person to be appointed chancellor in the 59-year history of the diocese.  Boltin’s appointment topped  structural changes, including the reestablishment of the Bishop’s Cabinet to serve as an advisory council to Bishop Duca in administrative matters at the Catholic Life Center. According to Father David, the architect of the restructuring, the cabinet will meet six times annually and for emergency needs as determined by Bishop Duca.    

Serving on the Bishop’s Cabinet are Father David, Episcopal Vicar for Strategic Planning; Boltin, Father Ranzino, Vicar General; Father Counce, Judicial Vicar; Father Yi, Secretary for Catholic Schools; Father Matthew Lorrain, Secretary for Clergy & Religious Life; Father Chris Decker, Secretary for Communications; Father Hallford, Secretary for Evangelization; Father Miceli, Secretary for Pastoral Services; and Amy Cordon, Victim Assistance Coordinator.   

Further changes are expected in various consultative bodies and other positions of leadership in the coming months.